Saturday, April 12, 2008

Where Have We Been!?!?

It's all dad's fault, folks! First he has to work in a place with no internet access outside of work, and work blocks blogger. THEN his laptop, his only computer, dies when he tries to uninstall Norton. It wouldn't uninstall and the Norton removal tool corrupted the operating system. Norton: never again. After using them for more than 10 years, it's over. Go with Kaspersky. So now he built a desktop and is saving the data from the hard drive to the desktop. In few weeks, (100 GB over USB) he'll restore the laptop.
BTW, you should see dad shop! He's a maaaaaaniac! He figures a core 2 duo should suffice. But WAIT! Quad core's on sale! And look how cheap RAM sets are! Why not buy two? Of course, you need a 64 bit operating system to *use* all that RAM...

In the meantime, we can't WAIT to catch up with all your blogs. It will take time, but we've missed you all!

Not only that, but it's *snowing* here now! It's funny to see the honeysuckle in full bloom with snow coming down.