Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snow fun at all!

Tank O'Saurus here to tell you all that dad took me up the hill to where it's snowy most of the year! Dad says snow is something you should visit when you want it, not something that drops in uninvited. So he took advantage of a work bonus and REI's winter closeout to get him some cross country ski stuff. Since I'm always hot, even at 50 degrees, dad took me with him. It was 20 degrees and I was loving the cool temps, but then some not so cool things happened. First he got me harnessed up, then he put on his skis. Then I knocked him over! He makes this funny noise when he goes down. I was gonna hear that noise a lot, but it was never my fault after the first time. I was sorry and turned upside down to show him. He gave me a little tummy rub and then took 5 minutes to get up. Turns out he hadn't been on skis for 20 years! So he skis across what was once a parking lot and then up this forest service road with me by his side.

Pretty, huh? The ODOT web site said there was 14" of snow so he thought it would be perfect.
Well it turned out the snow was more like 36" deep! I'd take a few steps and POW - one paw would break through the snow and I'd go face first into the snow. I was ready to head back to the car but dad told me to follow him so I got behind and walked in his tracks so that was easier. But then I decided I wanted to walk in front. When we took breaks I laid down right on his skis

After we went uphill, we came back down. Dad thought it would be easier but the powder didn't let him glide at all. But the trail was packed down for me so I ran ahead.

Dad didn't let me get too far ahead so I had to wait for him.

C'mon, slow poke!

Will you hurry up!

Again! Do I have to wait till the snow melts for you?

You really better hurry, it's getting dark.

I was glad to finally get to the car. Now usually dad drives sitting in the front seat behind the round hoop. But this time he couldn't get the car to move so he got out with one foot inside and one foot outside to push. The car started moving and dad slips on the ice and drives with one foot in the car and him laying on his back on the ice. I've never seen him drive like that. But it worked - we got moving for a while and when we stopped he got in and drove normally. Then we went to this big frozen lake and he skied a little without me. I was really worried he wouldn't be able to handle it alone but he did fine. The lake and sky were really pretty. If you enlarge the tall photo you can see a thin cresent moon and Venus toward the top.

Then we drove home and Princess and Isaac and I jumped all over each other.
There's no business like snow business, I say!

See you next time!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Dad wants us to tell you about a new way to keep in touch. Some of you are on twitter. There's an app for Windows Mobile phones (and most others) that lets you take pics with your phone and upload them to twitter. You can even use the GPS on your phone to tweet up! Of course, you can send and read tweets, too. Preety cool, huh? You can get it at . It looks like this

But Dad never lets us have coffee. But if Tank's in the car, dad better watch his coffee cup. If Tank can reach it, Tank will drink it! Dad wants us to use it so we can tweet about the mischief we're getting into at home. We almost got into 10 lbs of chocolate a few days ago, but dad's ape sense told him something was going on. He rushed back home and found us still trying to open the bag. If you followed us on twitter we could use twikini to tell you to c'mon over - we've reached new heights in pantry surfing and we'll share the spoils!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Princess and Tank!!!

Princess gets the birthday Tiara! Not sure she really likes wearing it, though.

Tank gets a cap so he wont get shot in the woods. Not sure he likes his present, either...

Mr Isaac investigates the Tiara
But then we got cupcakes and chicken treats and smoked salmon and some filet scraps! Dad came through with a really great birthday! Rumor has it we get ice cream later tonight. Can't wait!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Isaac's Birthday!

Who is this mad dog and why are these cookies being thrown at him?

It's Isaac's Birthday!!!

Of course Tank and Princess got to party with him

But Isaac got the most 'cause he's 5 years old today!

Yay, Isaac! He even got to come out of his cone and didn't lick his hotspots!

Monday, December 29, 2008

The longest Flooger?

It would be a huge mistake to see me as just a froofy little Princess. I can be dainty when I want, but there's a reason I share Xena's fashion sense...

The boys were having a little debate over who had the best floogers...

So I showed them who did.

Aren't I clever?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Secret Santa!

The on-line Newf club, Newf Net Had their Secret Santa party today. We sent Presents out to Canada, Missouri and NJ. We Got presents from all over. We got treats and stuffies. Here's some photos! What could be in there?

Ladies First!

Then Isaac

Now Tank

Princess had to help

Princess says, woah, what is that

Tank says, It's mine
And so a tussle began
And even Isaac got involved!

Then this happened

And finally Tank was left to enjoy his toy

But then there were treats
Princess' box had the most treats, but the boys got yummy treats, too! We all had to share

So that's the story of our great Christmas party! Thanks, Gabe, Skylar and Bojie! You made our Saturday wonderful!