Tuesday, September 4, 2007


It's been a weird few weeks, doggies! We go in and out of Jail. Last week, we ESCAPED!!
Somebody didn't close the gate in our backyard and so when dad let us out for our morning rituals, we pushed the gate open and went to town! Dad went back to sleep completely oblivious and we cruised the hood! We can't share all the details, but after an hour we looked in on some Aussie shepherds and their peeps invited us in for a cool drink. We gladly accepted and then dad shows up and we jumped in his car and got chauffered home! Pretty good times and home before it got hot!

Dad says we're going on our little journeys for the next few weeks and not spending much time at home so he can pay for our toys. Now that we're used to the routine we're getting to like our home away from home 'cause we get to run in the big yard a lot. We like to be home even better 'cause it's cooler, we have more room to stretch out, and we see our dad more. Plus he cooks for us when we're home. We don't eat much when we're away 'cause it's just plain kibble. dad brings the good stuff from home but there are no toppings. Dad says if we'd catch animals we could all just live off the land and he wouldn't have to work but we say nothing doing! He's the dad and we want air-conditioning. Off to work you slacker!

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