Sunday, December 30, 2007

Princess the Nightmare Huntress

Crikey, Mates! Princess here reporting on a most amazing adventure I had just the other night. It was late, you see, and my dad was asleep. I have a story to tell about how I first learned I could go up on Papa's bed and quite a story it is. But that story is for another post. Now this little Sheila's quite a cuddle-newf so I often jump up on Papa's bed and lay down close in and snuggly just for some affection. My Papa loves me and he's the best at giving me pets, but this night was different! You see, something was eating my Papa! I couldn't see it, but I could smell it! And Papa was acting funny, like he didn't want to be eaten. Who could blame him!? Good thing I was awake! This little sheila sprung in to action! I didn't just jump up on the bed, I leapt right from the floor and Squished the thing that was eating my papa! Of course since it was on my papa I landed right on my papa, too! I'm a great jumper! It's 3 feet from the floor to the top of the bed and another foot or so to the top of the papa. Plus he's not at the edge of the bed and I can't stand right next to the bed if I'm going to get any forward momentum. So I had to jump at least 5 feet high and 4 feet forward to land with my body straight down on top of the papa. But all that counts is it worked! As soon as I landed that thing was gone, my papa made a strange noise, woke up and started petting me. I saved the day!

(Papa's note: This is a true story. It's happened twice in the last 3 weeks. Princess weighs 115 to 126 lbs depending on the day. I woke up from the force of the impact and both felt and heard the breath whooshing out of my chest. I realized I was having a nightmare. "Hi big girl.")

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lost Newf in Chicago! You can help if you live near there!

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There's a $5,000 reward to get Tug back to his family:

If you see Tug, please call them at (773) 841-4242 or (773) 251-2521.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wally's interview

Yes, it's been 40 years, but there's been a lot happening here. But we appreciate the Woober and he was kind enough to interview us, so here goes!

1) I understand you have JOBS! Please tell me about your jobs and, most importantly, when you get home from a hard day at work, are your apes waiting for you with a muttini and a footrub?

We have MANY jobs! But they're mostly at home and if not, dad's with us so we all get home at the same time. But still, the belly rubs are plentiful. None of us likes footrubs. OK, our jobs:

Tank: Chief toy chaser, Head Clown, linguistics, Drama King, smile maker, enthusiastic therapist, webmaster, Tummy rub quality inspector,.
Princess: Recreation instigator, Back-up barker, Primary cuddler and comforter, gentle therapist, Daddy's Grrrrl, toy stealer, minister of awkward sleeping positions.
Isaac: Security, First barker, chief sniffer, stuffie chewer, Strong but silent therapist, people pusher, Motorcycle chaser, Bird patrol officer.

2) How did you get your names? Do you have any nicknames for each other?

Isaac was named Atticus by his third owners. Dad thought that name sounded too dark and forboding. Dad likes the name Isaac so that was how Isaac got his name. Princess' story is here and Tank's is here. Princess is called baby girl, Good Girl and cutie, Tank is called Tank O'Saurus and Tank Good Boy. Isaac is called Big Boy and Isaac Good Boy.

3) I understand you guys are picky eaters. What is wrong with you? I mean, what kind of foodables do you like to eat/use to disguise your kibble? How much do dogs your size eat anyway? (And, also, if I ate that much do you think I would grow to Newf size?)

Tank eats 3-4 cups twice per day, Isaac 2-3 cups, Princess 2-3 cups. If you ate that much you'd weigh as much as we do, but you wouldn't be able to walk, let alone chase your sissy.

As for our legendary pickiness, well, it's hard to say. Dad thinks it's 'cause the gal that bred us fed us junky food that we got used to - like always getting french fries at her house then him feeding us nutrtious but less tasty stuff. But for us it's just the way we are. We love meatables, especially chickenables. If dad's eating vegetables we want those, too, but not as the only thing on our kibble. Sometimes we just like to drive our dad crazy. Tank just dropped 25 lbs for no reason and is all skinny and bony. Now he's eating a lot but not gaining back much. Vet says nothing wrong. We're just that way! We like rice, nuts, honey, peanut butter, some apples and fruits and all kinds of meatables. Once Tank swiped a whole bag of Hershey's Kissables and we all loved them! Cheetos are a favorite but ice cream is the BEST!

4) How did your peoples decide they wanted Newfs? Do you think anyone can have just one?

Dad spent a lot of time training and babysitting a friend's Newfs. He absolutely loved them! When the gal who owned them decided she wanted to breed, dad learned all he could about the pregnancy and delivery process. When the time came, his input ended up saving our lives. He helped deliver us and spent a lot of time with us as pups. We stayed at his house a lot. When it became time for us to go to our forever homes, dad got Isaac, our dog dad, and Princess and Tank, his 2 favorites among 6 extremely cute and adorable pups. More info is here and here and here and here.

5) I know you live near the Republic of Gooberstan. Do you have any juicy gossip about StanMan?

Really all we know is here and here. And of course, here. Bottom line is that Stan is as manly and cool a dog as you could ever hope to meet, and his girl's a treat as well!

So that's it! Thanks for the questions, Wally!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kill da Wabbitt

So Isaac was laying on the porch absentmindedly chewing on a stuffy while Princess and I (Tank) romped around the yard. Dad came out on the porch, Isaac looked up and the stuffy lept up and started running. All 3 of us went nuts and chased the poor bunny but it escaped under the fence. OOOOOOOh that wascawy wabbitt! The 3 of us dug and jumped and howled but the bunny was gone. Not only that but dad was mad at us for jumping on the fence. Sigh... Wouldn't any of you have done the same?

Saturday, November 3, 2007

7 days with 7 rescue dogs

Watch for Airedale Av and see if you can spots anyone from Gooberstan!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Best Picture Award? Now with 2 sets of extra bonus pictures!

OK, pups, I have to choose the best 5 of these to enter in a calendar contest. Which do you think are the best, and which should I eliminate? Thanks!












Bonus pics!











More bonus pics!






Picky Princess' Recipe Corner

Woo Hoo Doggies! Dad came out of a long run of duds and hit one out of the park! Good thing, too, 'cause Tank's been losing a lot of weight lately and he has none to spare. Vet says there's nothing wrong, so dad's gonna have to improve his game considerably. We have a huge shipment of Timberwolf on the way, so that should help. Dad buys natural peanut butter and pours the oil off to use later. Here's what dad did last night.

Pumpkin, microwaved with water or canned or cooked any way you want.
peanut oil
ground meat of your choice
Chicken stock
rice, cooked

Fry half the pumpkin in 2 tsp peanut oil to flavor.
Combine all ingredients and mix with kibble.
serve at the temperature your pups prefer.

Beg them to eat

The DWB Haloween Pawty Site:

OK, you DWB Haloween partiers! Here it is, your very own playground! Is that our hostess with the mostest,Blue in the center at the bottom? As always, click on it for a bigger, more detailed version. I can email an even bigger one to anyone who wants it. Just let me know how big and let the world know where you got it ;)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Art Gallery and Congrats to Nanook! Now with more Nook art!

Good newfs! We are and we have some! First, the most famous newf in the dlogosphere, Nanook, just passed his therapy dog test! Congratulations Nanook! See below for more Nanook art.

Also, we are now Timberwolf dealers! Any of you in the KC area that wants this great dog food with lots of flavors, just let us know. We have our favorites in stock and can order any others. It's expensive, but it's worth it. OK, end of commercial!

In other news, we have decided to gather our works of Art along with artists' statements in one place. Being prolifically creative, we shall probably do this periodically. Nanook figures prominently here 'cause he inspired us to blog and to start creating works of art. Here's our most famous, dedicated to the memory of Oscar Airedale and entered into Nanook's contest "Do Airedales Malt" of oh so long ago. You have to click on the picture to get a good look at a larger version. It's best to right click, choose open in new tab or window, then come back here.

Artists' Statement:

"At first it was difficult to see how to answer this question. Then I realized, Wait, she must have heard the rumors but was too embarassed to ask plainly. The real question is, "Do Airedales Melt?" Well Ms. Searcher, you have found your answer. Airedales are both clever and fragile. Being terrorists, they have an almost mystical ability to melt into the background and to seem to be in many places at once. Susceptible to the ravages of time and sunlight, they can melt away like a wet wicked witch. No one captured the duality of melting Airedales better than the famous Newfoundland painter, Salivator Daily. 'The Persistance of Airedales' is the haunting and sensitive portrayal of the magic and tragedy of the Airedale's life. Yes, Virginia, Airedales really do melt. Mr. Daily was also sensitive to the hopes of dogs like Nanook everywhere that in heaven they will, well, you know... (get their 'boy bits' back) Win or lose, I'd like to thank Stanley, Oscar, Maggie, Mitch and Miss Sunshade for providing pictures, Nanook for coming up with the idea, Pooka for keeping Nanook active, and Nessie for writing it all down. I'd also like to thank Salivator Daily for his inspiration and encourage you all to work for world peace. Thank you, thank you very much.

"Since this is a parody, it is not a copyright violation. Salivator Daily is the 'nom de brosse' of Tank O'Saurus, image copyright 2007. Void where prohibited, dealer participation may vary."

And the painting it parodies:

Princess also had an entry. Hereeeee's hers:

Understanding the social context of the dlogosphere increases the depth and hilarity of this picture considerably. You have to click on the picture below to be able to see it clearly enough to read and understand it. It's best to right click, choose open in new tab or window, then come back here. The Human in the last picture is Nanook's mama, who commissioned the picture that follows.

As you all know, Airedales are among the classiest pups ever to grace the canine kingdom. While it is possible to concieve of a circumstance where an Airedale would “malt”, it's more likely that someone was looking to see if Airedales “mall”. Do they go to the mall for classy and fashionable outfits and classy and fashionable companionship? And the answer is, “Of course they do!”

Here's a typical day at Blooming-Dales, where, like the Saturn Dealerships, they carry their competitors wares for comparison:

In other Newfs, here's our buddy Nanook! Wish him well on his therapy dog test.

WAIT! Stop the presses! Before we finished this post the news just came in! Nanook passed his therapy dog test!! Yaaaaaaay, Nanook!!! You are such a clever boy!! I know you made your mama very proud! I'm sure she's gushing over you! WOOOO HOOO! Congratulations Nanook! We know there's some of the captain in you now!

Here he is as the Crocanook. Wont the little kids love him? Nanook also does celebrity impersonations. Here he is as Groucho Marx. Are ya happy to see us or is that a carp in your mouth?

Here's Nanook doing Ringo Starr. We always knew the Nookster napped to the beat of a different drummer!

More NookArt in tribute to the new TDI! And Pooka's sure to join him soon.