Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How I Beat the Heat

Hey, folks! It's your friendly neighborhood Tank O'Saurus. It's been super hot here so we can't do a lot of our usual antics. To keep from getting bored we do short spurts of craziness and head for the air conditioning. I like to lounge in my near olympic sized lounging pool.
I love to dig in the water just to see it move.
Princess says, "Tank, are you all right? Has the sun gotten to you?"
I don't mind the sarcasm, though. Here's my calendar pose.
Here's how we get crazy with the hose. Notice the lack of Princess. Once the hose comes out she runs just as fast as she can, as far as she can. She hates getting sprayed. Weird for such a swim addict, dontcha think?
Stay cool, pups!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Birds and life

We've been busy barking at invaders. Big booms. We'd chase 'em, scare 'em off with our big, powerful Booofs! Then the birds came. We love jumping into the bush with all the birds to scare them away. Tank always tries to catch them in his mouth.

Twice he's caught them. Both times after being used as chewing gum they flew away. Then we go back to jail while dad works in California. He couldn't take us this time. As punishment for him it's 110 degrees there and the air is totally full of smoke from 11 forest fires in the area. Serves him right for leaving us. We're gtting used to it. We're starting to realize he always comes back for us. Even Isaac's not upset anymore when he goes into the cage. We do wish we could be with our papa all the time, though. We're extra cuddly when he gets back. (Click on the pictures for bigger, more expressive versions)

and to be honest, we've really scored on the treats lately.

We got tiny pieces of ice cream sandwiches, chicken and fish jerky, and we've been swimming a lot.

See you all when dad gets back!