Sunday, November 16, 2008

The journey West - Updated with more anecdotes and photos!

Well, everypup, we had a long journey! We were cooped up in the car for 4 straight days! On the third day, during a break, Dad took us past a giant elk. Isaac and Princess just stared at it, but Tank kept barking. The Elk never moved. Dad told us later it was a statue. Most nights we stayed at a hotel. Isaac escaped every night we were on the road, but he always came back. On the third night we got a special treat! We stayed at a home where there were 2 other newfs! We outnumbered the people 5 to 3! The introductions went well except that miss goody two shoes Princess got a little growly with their girl Abbey. Dad put a stop to that real quick! Eventually they got to be good friends.

First they noticed they had the same paw
Then Princess started telling Abbey jokes

Which Abbey liked...
After that we all got to be friends.Why don't you just relax, Zeke?

Treat time! Their Mom and Dad have a treat time every night!

Not like our stingy ol dad.

Hey, wait, Tank, where ya going?

Sorry, Zeke and Abbey, but we've got to be riding off into the sunset.

We miss our newf friends but the next day we got to our new house in Oregon. And right away dad ran over his camera, couldn't get the one he wanted but couldn't be without a camera so he got a cheap one and curses the shutter lag. Princess went to work with him a few times (Tank howls when dad has to leave the office and Isaac's not really interested in meeting new people - he thinks he might get given away again). Princess is a natural therapy dog. So is Tank.

Here's one of Princess' many admirers at the office.

The open box had the new camera and the closed box is a blower for all the rain and mud we're supposed to have. Even treats can't get Princess to accept the blower but Isaac and I (Tank) don't mind it. Pictures of the house next time!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Animal Planet does Newfs!

Animal Planet did an expose on Newfs and they got it all right except that they didn't mention how clever and fun we are and we wont let dad groom us twice a week. Once a month is plenty unless we get into something...

If you want to see clever and fun Newfs, go here:

Newfs Gone Bad Calendar

and see photos with captions here Click on them - they're GREAT!

Notice that there are no pictures? Well we moved to Oregon and dad took Princess to teach her to be a truffle dog. He brought the camera but somehow he dropped it and then backed over it with the car! So no more pictures for us! He wants to get a better camera anyway but he wanted to wait for the D5 Mk II to see how it compared to the D3 in real life. If he waits, that's a month without a camera! Can he stand it?