Monday, October 20, 2008

Westward, Ho!

Well, pups, for months our dad's been totally hogging the computer so he could get a new state license and for weeks he's been telling us we're moving to Oregon. We had no idea what that meant but now we know it means we're spending the rest of our lives in the car! One of us got back at him. Dad took us for walks, fed us then left the room to get some ice and one of us made a huge poo on the carpet in the room. When he came back Tank and Isaac made a break for it and Isaac actually got outside - free to run! He came back after a few minutes, though. We're not telling who held a giant poo until after the walk. :) So wish us a great trip to Oregon and hopefully we'll be better bloggers once we get settled. Dad says that for a geezer like him to get a new state license is almost impossible so he's shocked it worked out so fast. He tells us there are rivers and mountains there for us to play in. Sounds terrific if we make it! Pictures of Oregon later!