Monday, January 14, 2008

Jail of Another Kind

Well, Dad's traveling for work again. This time we drive for 3 hours and stay with him in the evening and at night, but we stay with Aunt Jolene during the day. These cells are better 'cause we can be inside or outside by running through some plastic. Aunt Jolene's yard is smaller than Uncle Mike's in Manhattan, but it's still pretty big. Here's Tank letting off some steam after a long drive:

We've had several episodes of diarrhea in the apartment where we stay at night, so Dad's started us on a pretty bitter medicine. We've taken it wrapped in cheese but refused it in hot dog. Then Dad had a brilliant idea - he got some caramel magic shell, poured a base, froze it, put the pill on, froze it and covered it in more shell. We swallow that no problemo! Next he's trying fruit roll-ups. He makes our breakfast and dinner, so at least it's not just plain kibble.

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Bestest Big Brother EVER!

Princess here with stories of how great Tank is! Now Don't tell him I said so, but he really is the bestest big brother ever! I bark at him and pounce on him and bite his ears to get him to play a lot and he never lets me down. Just listen to some of the great stories of him being sweet to me:

One day, last winter just before we turned one year old, I looked at Tank and he knew I wanted to play. I told him, I'll play the crafty predator and you be my victim! So I ran off, hiding behind the rosebush in the snow. I knew that hiding behind the 1/2 inch canes in my jet black coat I'd be completely invisible against the snow. I crouched down in anticipation of the kill.

So Tank waits till I'm ready and he comes sauntering down the yard, that magnificent head swaying gently side to side to a spot near where I am. At just the right moment he looks away as if suddenly fascinated by something waaay off to the left. I rush out of hiding, take a huge leap in the air to crash down on him. He hears my charge but instead of jumping towards me he jumps straight up to present a huge target for my leap. I contact him with a thud and he plops to the ground and I pounce, enjoying my well earned meal.

Then there was the time we were about to go on a long car ride. After romping in the back yard, dad asked me to poo. I froze. I knew he wanted something, but I didn't know what. I was horrified that dad wanted something but I didn't know how to please him. I wanted desperately to please my papa! So he said it again, more clearly. He recognized the look on my face but was at a loss how to communicate to me what he wanted. While he was trying to figure it out, along comes my bestest big brother! Tank walked up to me and slid his nose next to mine and looked me right in the eyes. Dad says it was as if he took my face lovingly in his hands and calmed me down. After 20 or 30 seconds he turned his back, trotted off a few yards, and pooped. So then I turned my back, trotted off a few steps and pooped! Boy was my dad happy. I got lots of "good girl!"s and Tank got lots of "good boy!"s. Isn't Tank clever!

Then there was the time when I was maybe 6 or 8 months old. Back then we pups would sleep on the tile 'cause it was cool. But there was no tile next to dad and I, being desperately in love with my papa, wanted to cuddle next to him. So one morning I sit right by his head, watching him up on his bed. I wanted to jump up, but I didn't dare. When papa saw me he told me to come up in a sweet voice and patted the bed but I was too afraid. So I trot off to get Tank. I tell him all my woes and we both walk into dad's room. Tank looks up at dad and quails a bit. Isaac told us that trying to sleep on the people's bed got him a bad punishment at his 3rd home in New Orleans. Tank stayed brave and when dad saw him he says, come on up, Tank! And Tank hops up! Tank walks up to dad's face and dad tells him what a good boy he is! Dad gives Tank a great petting! So I hesitantly jump up near dad's feet and I get a "good girl"! Now I walk towards dad's head and he pets me, too. Tank turns to leave but before he goes I turn back, he turns towards me and we slap tongues. Dad says it looked like we gave each other a high 5 with our tongues! So Tank jumps off into the sunrise and I get to cuddle with my papa! I'm so happy and so grateful to Tank for paving the way!

Sometimes Tank and I joust. We separate and run at each other full tilt, leaping and crashing together with an earth shattering impact. Usually he lets me win. When he doesn't I bounce pretty far.

Isn't Tank the bestest big brother ever?

(Papa's note: These stories are all true, every detail)

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Thought for the day:

You chased a squirrel? Good Girl!

It can't be a coincidence that that rhymes.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to US!

Isaac turned 4 on Jan 2. Princess and Tank turned 2 on Jan 4. How numerologically weird is THAT!
So amidst the raucus celebrations and treats galore we wanted to take time out so that you, our faithful readers, could wish us a happy birthday as well!

We had cool paws chicken soup for dinner tonight. Mixed with the Chixoup LBP kibble was yogurt and peanut butter! Yummm-O!