Monday, July 30, 2007

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We love our Papa!


Papa went to the farmers market a few days ago and didn't take any of us. :( He said the market didn't alow dogs and it was too hot to leave us in the car - we'd roast! Now vegetables don't get us excited. We eat a few fruits, but Tank wont touch Wallymelon and the others could take or leave it. So if it's not a social event, farmers markets should leave us pretty unexcited. So we thought. But Woa, Doggies! Our dad brought home something that made us forgive every lame meal he's ever made! It seems there's some organic style cow growers there. And one of them is starting to care about us doggies! So what does he do? He grinds up beef hearts and sells them for $1/lb! That's about 1.61 Euro/kg, 2.58 AUD/kg (or do you guys use something else), 3.18 SingaporeDollars/kg, and for the latest blogitor, 15.74 South African Rands/kg. Pretty good deal no matter how you grind it! Well, let me tell you we were all underfoot in the kitchen when that bad beefcake was cooking! When it finally found its way to the floor we were on it! That was one great dinner. Rumor is we're getting the other half pound tonight! Can't wait! We're sleeping up a storm in preparation!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Oscar Airedale May 26 2006 to July 28 2007

We're so sorry to hear that Oscar passed on today. His parents were very devoted, he had a lot of fans and he was as smart and cute as could be. He was generous enough to supply us with pictures for Tank's entry, which relates to the painting "The Persistence of Memory". Tank dedicates it to the memory of Oscar. Even though it was silly in its conception we hope that Oscar would have liked it. Oscar was a real winner and his family gave him everything a dog could ever want. He was world famous and will be greatly missed. Good bye, terrific terrier.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Support Nanook!

Well, it's been a long time since our last post. Dad's taken time off because the Photoshopping for the entries to Nanook's contest have made his eyes hurt and his vision blurry. We want a younger dad! One who has a house in Canada on a big lake!

But there's more about Nanook . As you all know, he entered the Captain Morgan Pose Off. In a stunning turn of events his picture was rejected. We are sure this is a mistake. We have appealed to the folks at the Captain Morgan's site to post Nanook's picture. If you want to join in and howl at this injustice, here's the contact info. You have to click on the dashed lines to enter your birthdate.

Tell them you love Nanook!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tagged but not Gagged!

Woofs, everypup! We've been tagged to be a pickin' (books) and a grinnin'. So in honor of Nanook and Wally, here we go! (Thanks for tagging us, guys!) The top two pics are Princess and Isaac, Next are Tank and Princess, then 2 Tanks, and the last row is Isaac and Princess. We're particularly happy tonight because dad made popcorn tonight. We looove popcorn! We used to love Pupcorn, but they recalled it back in the spring and we're not willing to chance it again. Dad throws single kernels and we catch them or he tosses a few on the floor and we go crazy sucking them up! Pretty entertaining family night! Dad's pleased because Princess has eaten three whole meals in a row! Her ribs are less visible already.
As for books we like, Princess is the only pup who still has a taste for books in this household. She's devoured an atlas because she likes foods of the world. Tank ate a bible when he was about 6 months old - the kind with leather binding and maps. He ate the whole thing. It's real food all right. Isaac hasn't ever been interested in books since he's been here. Dad says one of the most important books you can read is "On Beyond Zebra" by Dr Suess. We're all waiting for Nanook's book to come out, of course. Are there any other books left that we didn't mention? I think that's all there are.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Princess Meets Stan and Hercules at a Dog Park with Water! - Glitter Graphics

Hi Everybody! Wow I had a fun day yesterday! But boy was I mad at my dad! He was a dork and a half. I was so mad I wouldn't even take treats from him the rest of the day. But this morning I gave him lots of licks to let him know he was forgiven and could still type for me.

Yesterday I went on my first playdate EVER! I met two GREAT Airedales named Stanley and Hercules. Stan was the bigger one - bigger than Hercules! His mom says he's not an OranguDale but close. My dad was an hour late getting me there, but the Aire-moms were really gracious about it. Dad says that if I didn't keep him up the whole night before barking, maybe he could have moved faster. But did he want our house invaded? I think not. After saving the house from the maurauding squirrels and geese I deserved better but he made a completely lame breakfast. I wouldn't eat any of it. He made a chicken tortilla soup to pour over our Timberwolf Elk. I picked out a few pieces of chicken but that was it. I have to say, though, he redeemed himself last night with a beef and cheese risotta over Chicken Soup Large Breed Puppy. That was yummy!
But getting back to the playdate - when we finally got there the two Aire-boys were waiting for us with their moms. They were so gracious. Stanley checked me out to see if I was tuff enough but my dad yelled at me before I could show him. Sheesh, dad. You're embarrasing me! It wasn't the last time...

So Stan, Hercules and I were running around, when suddenly - Suddenly - I saw it. The sea ! All else was forgotten as I made my mad dash for the water. Now I ask you - especially you fellow newfs - Wasn't that totally expected? Well it freaked my dad out. Just my being off leash freaks my dad out a little. But when I ran off totally mad like that he regressed to the level of a goldfish. He couldn't leave me alone.

Once in the water I was Queen of the Sea! Other dogs asked me how I could be so amazing in the water and we played with a lot of different pups. To really appreciate the pictures, click on them to make them bigger.

Had too much to drink, there, Stan? He Stole my ring!

I tried to break up a fight between 2 little dogs and my dad was afraid I'd get blamed for starting it so he yelled at me for that. Then he wanted me to bring the ring right to him. Sure I indulge him in that when we're alone, but here it was my own crowd! How could he embarass me like that. I kept bringing the ring to the shallow area but he wouldn't jump the 2 feet into the water like a good servant should.

Stan was such a gentleman, he came in and got it a few times for my dad to throw.

That Stan was so funny! He'd sit in front of my dad waiting for him to throw the ring and if dad didn't do it fast enough Stan would jump up right into dad's face! what a riot! Way to go, Stan! I get impatient with my papa, too and that was true vindication!

My dad liked Stan and Hercules and their moms a lot, too. Dad and I have never met an Airedale and we thought they were charming. Their moms are charming, too.

So could dad have been smart and shmoozed with the ladies? Could he leave me alone to look cool in front of the other dogs? Nooooo. He was so preoccupied with embarassing me he could barely talk. None of us have been in a dog park since that big bulldog attacked Tank and I think my dad had a little PTSD going on, so after a day I decided to cut him a little slack.

I have to live as the only member of the civilized gender with three males. Let me tell you my dad could use some civilizing, too. I learned I was a girl early on and the best way to keep the males in line was to bite them in their boy bits (Copyright Nanook). Isaac would do the funniest dance when I did that! But 'cause my dad's a boy he made me stop doing that. The guys know I still can of course...

So eventually I got out of the water and Stan, Hercules and I started to mix it up.

This time dad didn't stop me 'cause no one snarled and I knocked Stan down butt good! (Dad's note:) NO, DAAAD, Don't tell THAT story! Pleeeease! Oh, all right. (dad's note: when Princess was a mere 70 lbs she decided that Isaac needed to play with her. She backed off, got up a galloping headstart and jumped and headbutted Isaac right in the side. She bounced off and layed there, staring up at her dad. With perfect timing he held still for 3 counts, then turned and gave her the disdainful look a locomotive might give a tennis ball after a similar collision. Probably the funniest thing Isaac has ever done) OK, OK, back to the playdate. So I have had practice and we had a great time jumping all over each other. It was the funnest day of my life! On the way home, this is what happened:

Thanks Stan, Hercules, and our parents for taking us there. I hope we get to do it again soon! Ladies, I hope you can forgive my dad for his deer in the headlights imitation and give him another chance. Till Next Time,

Thanks, AireDogs!

Tank has finished his masterpiece and turned the computer over to Princess, who has a more modest, but more socially relevant photo in mind. Profound and heartfelt thanks go out to all the generous souls who helped us with photos or offered to:

Maggie and Mitch, Nanook, Oscar , Putter, Ruby, Stanley and Sunshade

Tank thanks you for donating your bodies for art's sake and he hopes you will forgive him when you see the final result!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Need help from the Airedales out there!

As most of you know, Nanook is having a contest. To enter, you need pictures of Airedales. Since we've never met any Airedales in real life, we're out of luck unless some of you kind Airedales will give us some pictures! Tank's already come up with a great idea, but he'll need a few good Aire-pics to make it work: Aire-heads, Aire-tails, whole Airedales! Anyone willing to donate please send them to Tank's email or let us know if we can fetch them from your blog. Thanks!

Tank's Introduction, Part 1

Hi, adoring fans everywhere! My turn to tell a little of my story. It all started in the belly of my beloved mother, Georgia. My canine paternal progenitor, Isaac, has already told you about her, so if you want to read the romance and see the honeymoon photos, go here. It's a sweet story and I'm a sweet boy! Soon after I came out my dad gave us all temporary names just to tell us apart. Mine was "Hook" Most of the rest of the pups had similarly dorky names. Thanks, dad. Mine was based on the white behind my head.

Above to the right you can see the white on the back of my neck. I guess I'm lucky he didn't call me 'coat hanger'. Then to the left, you can see all of us puppies nursing. This is the most orderly we ever were. Don't be fooled! We were a rollicking madhouse of puppy flesh jockeying for position. There are 6 puppies in this picture. Can you find us all? Princess is being coy waaay off to the left - left of Georgia's hind feet. I'm in the center - you can see my hook! That's 'cuz I was the coolest one. Still am! That yellow thing on the bottom right was Georgia's favorite toy before my dad gave her a Cuz. They called it her ice cream and even though she destroyed it she still carried it everywhere. Kind of what you might expect for a teenage mother. I was a bouncy, enthusiastic pup. I was the first-born, the biggest and the first to learn to walk. Only problem was I didn't know how to stop. So I'd walk up to my sib-pups to say hi! They were doing well just to stay standing. So I'd come up, not stop in time and knock them right over. Bowling for newf-pups! My dad knew it was a sign of things to come. Not wanting to call me 'bulldozer', for which I'm eternally grateful, he named me Tank. I was the second to get my final name. Later on he named one of my favorite sisters 'Shazaam', 'cause she learned to pounce first. She pounced on everything - leaves, us, you name it. We just went to visit her a few days ago. Her people call her 'Maggie', but I still think of her as Shazaam! That was a cool name, dad! I did one other great thing as a puppy. Feeling frisky, I climbed up my mom's back while she was laying on her side. When I got to the top of that huge mountain of Newf-flesh, I looked around from my high vantage and then slid down her belly like a big slide! Wheeeeeeeee! it was so fun I climbed up and did it again. Wheeeeeeee! Then one of the other pups saw me and they came over and did it, too. Then a few more came and then they all came. We had a line of pups waiting their turn to climb up then slide down mom. It was a riot! I tried it again 2 weeks later and it wasn't fun any more. I'd gotten so big that it wasn't even a climb any more to get up on mom, and when I tried to slide down my front paws were on the ground while my back paws were still on the other side of mom. Oh well. The rapidly fading joys of puppy-hood. I was also the last one to stop nursing. One day I tried to nurse and mom gave me a kick and a growl that scared me but good! I wasn't going to try that again!
Then came the worst day of my life. You'll hear that story in part deux...

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Picky Princess' Recipe Corner: TimberWolf Fish Tacos - Glitter Graphics

Hello lasses! Here's a dish I came up with tonight. You can adapt it in many ways. It was scrumptious! Not that I'd eat it twice in a row, of course. Must provide full employment for the servants.

Princess' TimberWolf Fish Tacos

2 Cups TimberWolf Ocean Blue Fish Formula
1/2 Cup Cottage Cheese - fat content consistent with dietary goals.
3 oz your favorite taco sauce
Small handful of tortilla chips, crumbled

Mix together - stirred, not shaken. My servant uses 4% milk fat because I'm such a skinny Princess. For those of you on the more generous side, use a low or no-fat version. Follow with several minutes of well earned tummy rubs. Happy eating!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Boom Woof Woof Boom

Woof, what a night! We were attacked for the last few days but last night it got horrendous! Tank was way more laid back but Isaac and I scared off every invader! Tank helped if it got really bad. They tried to frighten us with booms and pops but the really bad ones were the crack-crack-crack that went on for a while. Even Tank was worried then. But we worked really hard and scared them all off. Only the wicked, evil birds dared come in our back yard and we chased them away, too.
Today, everybody's throat here is hoarse and we're all exhausted. We're spending the whole day napping. G'nite, worn out doggies everywhere!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Mr. Isaac Says Hi!

Hey Dawgs! Isaac here! I'm the father of Princess and Tank and very proud of my kids! As the older generation I mostly leave the internet stuff to them. They're both bigger than I am. That was no fun when Tank went through his pushy stage. He was sure a bully. Good thing I'm not the alpha type. I was born Jan 2, 2004 in Tenessee. I've had a pretty hard life for a newf. My second owner in New Orleans sold me when their life got hard. My third owner's home was destroyed in Hurricaine Katrina. I was taken in by an elderly woman but I was so feisty she had to keep me in a crate all day. Of course that made me even more feisty whenever I got out. All I really want to do is play and love, just like any newf. Let me tell you, dawgs, I was one unhappy, confused newf! So this human gal who met me before Katrina had this loverly Landseer named Georgia. Whew she was a hottie! My third owners drove me to Kansas City to meet Georgia and we hit it off right away. I played in my first ever snow in Kansas City! At first I couldn't even figure out how to walk in it. Then I stuck my nose in the snow and ran, feeling the spray in my face! Weeeeheeee!

This is Georgia. We had the BEST time together!

First some playing around...

Then some *real* playing around...

And 2 months later, look at the belly on that babe! In there are Tank, taking up most of the room, Princess, and 4 other baby newfs! They were so cute!

That's when I came to live with my current dad and he's had me for over a year. The gal who bred me brought Georgia and Bertram, the puppies' Godfather, to her nursing home as therapy dogs. Four of the puppies went to her friends who worked at other nursing homes and they're all therapy dogs. The residents always ask for them and it's the highlight of their day to see the dogs. They hide cheetos and the dogs find them. For cheetos, I'd go anywhere! A couple of times, when Tank was mean to me and I started to play less my dad wondered if I would be better off in a house with no other dog. He just barely got the thought in his head but I knew what he was thinking and I went over and laid my head on his lap and looked up with my mournful eyes and he said I didn't have to leave unless I wanted to. That made me so happy!!

I'm such a great dad, I *loved* playing with the puppies!