Friday, August 3, 2007

Tank's Introduction part Deux

In our last episode, I was born and started growing into the cutest puppy imaginable. Every moring I'd bound out of the puppy room raring to go and ready to chow down! I was almost always first out and first to the food. Until one day...
Much to my dad's horror, I was the last one out, todddled uncertainly toward the food, sniffed it and walked away. He knew I had parvo and took me right to the vet. I had IVs going before I started losing fluids both ends. After 3 days I could go home. Two of the other pups got parvo but we all got to the vets before any vomiting or diarrhea started and we all did well. This is me with my leg shaved where the IV was. After me, Shazaam and Tracy got it, too. So when I came home it was Isaac, dad and I, then the other two joined us. They went from here to their forever homes. After her second shot, Princess came to live with us. I was really glad to see her again. Parvo was a rough thing but it doesn't seem to have stunted my growth any. I'm solid muscle and 30 lbs heavier than my dad, 40 lbs heavier than my mom and only 19 months old!

Of course Isaac was a great dad. He loved to play with me. He let all us pups climb all over him. That kind of backfired on him 'cause as we got bigger we still climb on him. Now that we out weigh him it scares him and my human dad makes me stop. But I really love my dad and stick up for him if there's any trouble, like birds invading the backyard or a motorcycle going by.

I'm a great big brother to Princess, too. I let her win wrestling matches all the time. I love to lick people and if they squeal it drives me wild and I lick even more! I'm also a clever climber. At 4 months I could escape from baby gates that even Isaac couldn't get over. I can push out slats, squeeze through, dig under or climb over. I'm a great talker, too. I've even taught my human dad how to speak some dog. More later - Tank


wally said...

My goodness! I can't believe you had Parvo, you poor thing. Though that picture of you with the shaved leg just made my ma ape go all woobly and kiss me on the head so well done with that.

Dogs who have had parvo definitely deserve some ice cream!


ps. I think I would hate the helicopters, too. Perhaps we should just go and sun ourselves on the beach and watch. And eat some Italian food. Bring on the meatballs! And gelato.

Bogart said...

Ohmygosh, you guys are SO CUTE! And mom is giggling so hard at The News of Hazard that iced tea just shot out of her nose... good times.


Stanley said...

Hey, Tank!

Thanks for part deux. Never would have guessed you were a Parvo puppy. It doesn't show one bit. You poor little shaved leg... it looks so cute with your black freckles peaking out from under your fur.

Sounds like we have only just begun to scratch the surface of Tank the Newf. Maybe we will eventually get to mine the depths of all that is you!

Hey, I'm up for the swimming at the park (or some other park if you prefer). Let me know when & where & we'll try to make it happen.

Goober kisses to Princess.

Goob love,