Sunday, November 2, 2008

Animal Planet does Newfs!

Animal Planet did an expose on Newfs and they got it all right except that they didn't mention how clever and fun we are and we wont let dad groom us twice a week. Once a month is plenty unless we get into something...

If you want to see clever and fun Newfs, go here:

Newfs Gone Bad Calendar

and see photos with captions here Click on them - they're GREAT!

Notice that there are no pictures? Well we moved to Oregon and dad took Princess to teach her to be a truffle dog. He brought the camera but somehow he dropped it and then backed over it with the car! So no more pictures for us! He wants to get a better camera anyway but he wanted to wait for the D5 Mk II to see how it compared to the D3 in real life. If he waits, that's a month without a camera! Can he stand it?


the Corgi Girls said...

We saw it on the Animal Planet and thought of you pups!

M & I

Maggie and Mitch said...

Bogie just moved to Oregon too! Is this a trend? Should we be moving to Oregon too?!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

wally said...

We watched the Newfs tonight and are in agreement that they definitely need multiple Newfs at the White House. I bet the bathtubs there are deep and you never know when someone might fall asleep and need Newf Rescue.

wally t.

ps. Can't wait to see pictures of Newfs in Oregon!

Mango said...

That animal planet show is pretty goofy. They make just about every doggie look like its for everybody. I think they should have talked about newfie sized poopies.