Monday, October 1, 2007

A tale of Two Kings (Tank visits the ministers of Gooberstan)

Hey, Friends, it's me, your friendly neighborhood Tank O'Saurus!

Yesterday my dad told me it was my turn for an adventure! I had no idea where we were going. But Woah, Doggies, there was a big lake there! I was woozy just thinking about going swimming! But then something really strange happened. We turned into this parking lot and I smelled doggies unlike any other I'd ever smelled before! Lots of them! I couldn't wait to meet them! And guess who was there in all his glory? Stanley! You guessed it, the King of Gooberstan! I guess he calls himself "President", but either way, he's the supreme ruler. And not only that, but he and his kind are the Kings of Terriers! Woo Hoo! So I got to meet Stan the Gooberman in person! Hob nobbing with the celebrities! Aren't you jealous? In Fact, my dad tells me that I, too, am a King, but of a different sort. That is a subject for a different post! So Stanley himself is two kings, but Stanley and I are also two kings!

Stan wore his Landseer Bannanadana in my honor!

So at this place was Stanley, by far the studliest dude among a fine gaggle of royal courtiers both male and female. Most were Dales, but there were a few others as well. Hercules the demigod was there, too! Herc is one cute pup!

And he can dance!

Hercules demonstrated how he could balance the whole world on his head.

Then he got a bigger version and balanced on his paw like in the famous stories
Then he really showed off his strength and skill!

Stanley even had some court jesters!

They served great food! I had a couple of franks, cake and some fruit! There was even Wallymelon in honor of our favorite Corgadorian Gray! I'm sure Wally was there in spirit, but we'd sure like to meet him in person!

In the main part of the Royal Pavilion there was Dale memorabilia. The humans competed to see who was worthy of getting the best stuff for their Dales. Stanley's mom scored some highly coveted Daleomabilia - easily the best of the litter! We don't have pictures because dad's camera started to act up. We missed a lot of good pictures that day. The one we wanted most was a picture of the incredibly cute pure black Dale girl that might get the honor of being the Queen of Gooberstan. She was shy but friendly and has come through a very hard life. I know that'll cause some stress eating for Ruby, Asta, and Suki. Since Stanley has already posted, I'm linking to some of his pictures. Dad's camera has died the forever death, not just the dead battery death. Dad says it will be a very long time before he can get a new one. But don't worry faithful readers! We have a huge backlog of stories to tell and pictures to share!

Stanley held court in a big area next to the pavilion, which was like the outer court for commoners. Stanley, Like Nebuchadnezzar, had a rule that no one could approach him in the Royal Chambers without being invited. I think that this only applies to Royal Official Functions (ROF) like the one I was at. Since I've never been to a ROF before, I don't think I understood the protocol very well. The ROF language was a little hard for me, too. I think it sounded something like Klingon! Dad told me that maybe I should not spend quite so much time licking their hind ends.

Stanley Barking orders in the Klingon-like official court language

A grateful subject (his mom) begging for kindly, kingly Stanley's help

The whole event was for the ministers of Gooberstan to talk finances, make plans for the future of Gooberstan and Party. There were lots of VIP Dales and their humans running around, having secret meetings and planning daring rescues of Airedales in unfortunate circumstances.

Before I left, Stanley gave me a pressie! My first pressie ever! Thanks Stanley! No pic because now there is no camera. Sigh. But it was a great pressie! It was a tough stuffie that sqeaks ans has a rope! Something for everypup! I took it home and we all loved it!

Because I was leashed and therefore could only cause limited mischief, Dad could focus on his surroundings a little. He found out that Stanley's mom knows Pooka! Pooka leads tours to China and Stanley's mom has been there. Pooka must have taken her. After a looong day of trying to learn ROF protocol, this happened:

And then we went to the Plaza, which you will read about soon, I hope. (When dad gets his act together!) There I got 1/2 hr massages by my devoted fan clubs. That's right, plural. There are stores where everything stops when I walk in and they massage me, feed me treats and coo while I relax in the air conditioning 'cuz I'm such a cool dog. Woo Hoo! Wait till you see!


Sparky said...

Looks like you had a fun day! Lots of awesome doggies. I love the pictures!


Sophie Brador said...

Hey Tank! Nice to meet you. So guess what. We used to have a black and white newfie neighbour named Tundra and a giant lab neighbour named Tank, so it almost feels like we know you already. Thanks for stopping by. We'll be back to visit too. Oh, and I am super jealous that you got to meet Stan in person ... or dog, rather.

Sophoober Bradoor
loyal Gooberstan citizen

Stanley said...

Tank Man!!

You deserved a more formal and regal welcome than I gave you at the Aire AffAire. You were completely outnumbered, and you handled it with poise and grace.

My girl and I found out that even though you are almost 2 of me, you have a sweet little puppy whine when you want to meet new friends. How convenient that you have an adorable sound to go with your killer classic good looks.

You are welcome on my turf anytime, man! Sorry it took me until you were almost gone to finally warm up properly.

Goober love & esteem,

Mojo said...

Hiya Tank! Great to meet you. One look at you and I know you're the kind of dog I would love to wrestle with! I've never met a newf but you look like a whole heap of fun.

Looks like you had a great day out. Amazing that you got to meet Stanley. It's strange from my perspective over here in the UK - I think of the US as absolutely gigantic so I find it astonishing that any dog bloggers get to meet each other at all.

see ya

Maggie & Mitch said...

You and Stanley are so lucky that you got to meet in person! What a fun day!

Love ya lots,

Ume said...

Hiya Tank,
u met Stanley! r u applying for citizenship in Gooberstan anytime soon?

wally said...

Dudes! What an awesome day--I have a Landseer Bananadana too!


ps. I am firing up the ol' brain to come up with questions for you.