Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How I Beat the Heat

Hey, folks! It's your friendly neighborhood Tank O'Saurus. It's been super hot here so we can't do a lot of our usual antics. To keep from getting bored we do short spurts of craziness and head for the air conditioning. I like to lounge in my near olympic sized lounging pool.
I love to dig in the water just to see it move.
Princess says, "Tank, are you all right? Has the sun gotten to you?"
I don't mind the sarcasm, though. Here's my calendar pose.
Here's how we get crazy with the hose. Notice the lack of Princess. Once the hose comes out she runs just as fast as she can, as far as she can. She hates getting sprayed. Weird for such a swim addict, dontcha think?
Stay cool, pups!


Maggie and Mitch said...

Wow! You guys really do LOVE water! You make it look like such fun! No way will I get my Princess paw wet!

Love ya lots,

babyphat523 said...

Nothing quite like the baby pool on a sweltering summer day!! Tank's summer cut makes his head look espesh big, it is adorable! XD

Stay cool kids!
xo :)

Mango said...

Such foolishness! I'm with Princess. I want to get wet on my own terms.


Sophie Brador said...

I love water too, but not that way. I need mine in the form of a lake, river, or ocean. When I was a pup I used to bite the sprinkler while the water was coming out, but now I'm with Mango. On my own terms.

You two are super cutie pies.


the Corgi Girls said...

Aw, you're so cute!!!! We wanna come play in the pool with you! We paw at the water like that too sometimes... then we stick our snouts in and blow bubbles, BOL!

M & I

The Zoo said...

Looks like a blast! Wish we could join in on the festivities but we are stuck here in boring ol' Michigan. BUT...Mama says we are headed up to our cottage next week so that means FINALLY we will get some more swim time. In the meantime we will impatiently wait and watch your hose video over and over and over again...

Karma Innen said...

Wow, that's looks cool and comfortable. I gotta get my Momto buy me a wading pool!

xooxx Karma

wally said...

Babes in the water! Woo! That looks like fun. My ma ape is now convinced she needs at least two Newfs. One in case SHE drowns and another to save ME. You guys definitely look up to the job (though I think it would take two to pull her out--so we might need all three of you--HA!)

wally t.

Ang said...

Caffrey has a pool exactly like that, and that is where he lounges in the summer too. I will be sure to post some more pics of the big guy soon!

Charity, Gary, Katie and Louis said...

It looks like great water fun. Katie and Louis are now giving me the sad eyes saying they want to play in their kiddie pool again.

To answer your question about the pics on my blog, I changed my blog format to one of the stretch versions that doesn't limit you to a fixed and narrow column width. I've also started uploading my pics first to Photobucket before uploading to blogger. I've been wanting to post bigger pictures for a long time, but just figured out how to make it happen this weekend.

Pippa said...

You look super cool in your pool, although that chasing the hose looks a bit energetic.

wally said...

What?? You guys are in jail? Lockdown? Do you need someone to rescue you? I can start walking in your direction now!

wally t.