Monday, July 7, 2008

Birds and life

We've been busy barking at invaders. Big booms. We'd chase 'em, scare 'em off with our big, powerful Booofs! Then the birds came. We love jumping into the bush with all the birds to scare them away. Tank always tries to catch them in his mouth.

Twice he's caught them. Both times after being used as chewing gum they flew away. Then we go back to jail while dad works in California. He couldn't take us this time. As punishment for him it's 110 degrees there and the air is totally full of smoke from 11 forest fires in the area. Serves him right for leaving us. We're gtting used to it. We're starting to realize he always comes back for us. Even Isaac's not upset anymore when he goes into the cage. We do wish we could be with our papa all the time, though. We're extra cuddly when he gets back. (Click on the pictures for bigger, more expressive versions)

and to be honest, we've really scored on the treats lately.

We got tiny pieces of ice cream sandwiches, chicken and fish jerky, and we've been swimming a lot.

See you all when dad gets back!


Maggie & Mitch said...

You all share one ice cream cone so nicely! You're making us drool!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Sophie Brador said...

Okay, how do I get to your house? The birds peaked my interest, the treats really had me intrigued, and then you throw swimming in there? Really, what am I doing in MOntreal when I could be hanging with you furry folks and swimming all the time. How far away are you?


Ferndoggle said...

Birds! Did you say Birds???? You've got my attention! Esp. if there is ice cream involved somehow.


Nessa said...

Dude, your dad totally spoils princess huh?


Woof, Princess, Tank and Isaac

Don't you just love birds. We have a lot of quail and sometimes we'll even get a roadrunner(we live in Arizona) We've only caught one roadrunner and our Mom went totally nuts because of it. It was worth getting yelled at.

woof, woof
Desert Pups,
Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby from Life inside the Fence

babyphat523 said...

Aww... I hope Dad gets back to lavish more treats on you guys soon!
xo :)

Eduardo said...

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Hugs & Snugs,
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle


Woof, Newfs

Thanks for visiting Life inside the Fence. We really like the company. Stop by soon and see the evil monster.

Woof, woof,
Desert Pups

wally said...

Whoa--I didn't know three Newf Heads would fit in ONE car window. Awesome. We have creepy crows in our yard. Could I hire you to get rid of them?


ps. My ma ape saw two Newfs at the dog park and now she is pining for Newfies. My baby brudder was scared of them--hahahahahahahaha!

Agatha and Archie said...

Hi kids thanks for stopping over!!!! You kids ARE TOO MUCH!!!!! Geesh,hunting,ice cream and swimming what more could a kid ask for?????? And you all so politely ate the ice cream TOGETHER!! It must be a terrier thing to fight over it... You seem way more civilized...Love A+A

Mango said...

Momma sends you giant smoochies for your cute faces sticking out of the car.

Before I was born, Momma and Master had a basset hound that caught birds, but she ate them.


wally said...

Dudes! Don't encourage my ma ape. She has Newf fever! She spent her time at the park photo-ing the Newf Snewfs and then giving them back rubs. NOT COOL. Their name were Yogi (all black male) and Mollie (female Landseer). They scared me even though when I tried to growl at them they just stood there and wagged their tails! Whoa dudes!

oscar bean, super teen!

ps. My ma ape just got a kiddie pool for our backyard and now she sez we need Newfs in case anyone needs water rescue!

Pippa said...

Birds? But they fly away. And they are not very big. They come on my terrace but they don't steal my food so I leave them alone.

Now, cats........another thing entirely.

It is very warm where you are, it is only around 30C where I am.