Monday, June 25, 2007

Princess introduces herself!

Hello, Dog lovers! I'm Princess, born January 4th 2006 very early in the morning! My human dad stayed up very late to deliver us all. Tank is my littermate. My mom is Georgia, a Landseer Newf who now lives on a lake with the woman who came up with the idea to breed us. My dog dad is Isaac, who will introduce himself later. They are two great newfs! I was quickly recognised as the most social of the litter. My human dad called my mom Georgia "the Queen of Everything". One day at about 10 days old I did something that reminded him of Georgia and that's when he started calling me, "Princess". I was very happy growing up and had lots of fun experiences and one bad one. One day we were all under a bush exploring and I got poked in the eye by a branch. My eye was bleeding so my dad took me to the emergency room where they took a piece of wood out of my eye and gave him some icky ointment to put in. Boy did I hate that! No severe damage but my inner eyelid covers more of my eye than it should. Another thing I remember is this big, gigantic newf named Bertram. He was jealous of the attention we puppies were getting and barked the deepest, most earthshaking bark I've ever heard before or since! My human dad hopes Tank will get that kind of bark! I'm closer to it so far. When Bertram barked at the group of puppies, they all ran away. Not me, though. I knew he needed affection so I ran right between his legs and looked adoringly up at him. From then on he always let me stay with him but none of the other puppies could. Tank used to yelp when Bertram barked. He's such a drama king! I always comfort the other dogs if they're sad or if they get in trouble. I love pleasing my papa so I almost never get in trouble.
I didn't get parvo, like Tank did, so I was separated from my human dad for a while while he took care of the pups recovering from parvo. After a few weeks I got to go back to him but my mom, Georgia, didn't come with me. That was kind of hard on me but I liked being with Tank, Isaac and my human dad. I got comfortable again fairly quickly. My Dad says I'm a natural therapy dog and as soon as I learn that "stay" means something besides, "follow" I can go to make sick children feel better. Stay is when he sticks his hand in front of my face. If he's too serious I give his hand a quick lick to remind him how much I love him. I'm getting better at the stay. I've already started working with cart shafts so I can be in parades and give kids rides.
But mostly, I love to SWIM!!! I get so excited that I rear up and paw the air like a stallion! I'm really good and fast and I always bring back what my dad throws. I've been in lakes, rivers and oceans. Dad took me to California with him. Tank and I stayed at a hotel and did all kinds of great stuff. The airplane was pretty stressful for me, I don't mind telling you.
I also love playing with Tank and Isaac. If it's too slow a day I bark at them until they play with me. I love it when dad throws a toy and we compete to see who can get it and we try to take it away from each other. I could do that all day long!
I think that's enough for now. Some of these stories I'll tell at length later.


Ume said...

welcome to DWB, Princess!
u will have lotsa fun here!
i tot a lick in response to the "Stay" command was reali cute...

Butchy & Snickers said...

Welcome Pals!
Gosh, you're all so gorgeous. We're pals of Nanook & we live in Janesville, IA. I Butchy was rescued from St. Louis, MO so I used to live in your state. We're glad you started a blog. Our uncle used to have a big newf named Cinder that he rescued. She was a beauty. She is at the rainbow bridge now. Can't wait to hear more of your stories. Please visit our blog soon.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Maggie said...

What a story you've had already for such a youngster! I can't wait to read more!

Love ya lots,

Orion Count Drulzelot said...

Princess, Isaac, and Tanker-roo, you are IT!

You've been tagged by my magnificent self!