Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wally's interview

Yes, it's been 40 years, but there's been a lot happening here. But we appreciate the Woober and he was kind enough to interview us, so here goes!

1) I understand you have JOBS! Please tell me about your jobs and, most importantly, when you get home from a hard day at work, are your apes waiting for you with a muttini and a footrub?

We have MANY jobs! But they're mostly at home and if not, dad's with us so we all get home at the same time. But still, the belly rubs are plentiful. None of us likes footrubs. OK, our jobs:

Tank: Chief toy chaser, Head Clown, linguistics, Drama King, smile maker, enthusiastic therapist, webmaster, Tummy rub quality inspector,.
Princess: Recreation instigator, Back-up barker, Primary cuddler and comforter, gentle therapist, Daddy's Grrrrl, toy stealer, minister of awkward sleeping positions.
Isaac: Security, First barker, chief sniffer, stuffie chewer, Strong but silent therapist, people pusher, Motorcycle chaser, Bird patrol officer.

2) How did you get your names? Do you have any nicknames for each other?

Isaac was named Atticus by his third owners. Dad thought that name sounded too dark and forboding. Dad likes the name Isaac so that was how Isaac got his name. Princess' story is here and Tank's is here. Princess is called baby girl, Good Girl and cutie, Tank is called Tank O'Saurus and Tank Good Boy. Isaac is called Big Boy and Isaac Good Boy.

3) I understand you guys are picky eaters. What is wrong with you? I mean, what kind of foodables do you like to eat/use to disguise your kibble? How much do dogs your size eat anyway? (And, also, if I ate that much do you think I would grow to Newf size?)

Tank eats 3-4 cups twice per day, Isaac 2-3 cups, Princess 2-3 cups. If you ate that much you'd weigh as much as we do, but you wouldn't be able to walk, let alone chase your sissy.

As for our legendary pickiness, well, it's hard to say. Dad thinks it's 'cause the gal that bred us fed us junky food that we got used to - like always getting french fries at her house then him feeding us nutrtious but less tasty stuff. But for us it's just the way we are. We love meatables, especially chickenables. If dad's eating vegetables we want those, too, but not as the only thing on our kibble. Sometimes we just like to drive our dad crazy. Tank just dropped 25 lbs for no reason and is all skinny and bony. Now he's eating a lot but not gaining back much. Vet says nothing wrong. We're just that way! We like rice, nuts, honey, peanut butter, some apples and fruits and all kinds of meatables. Once Tank swiped a whole bag of Hershey's Kissables and we all loved them! Cheetos are a favorite but ice cream is the BEST!

4) How did your peoples decide they wanted Newfs? Do you think anyone can have just one?

Dad spent a lot of time training and babysitting a friend's Newfs. He absolutely loved them! When the gal who owned them decided she wanted to breed, dad learned all he could about the pregnancy and delivery process. When the time came, his input ended up saving our lives. He helped deliver us and spent a lot of time with us as pups. We stayed at his house a lot. When it became time for us to go to our forever homes, dad got Isaac, our dog dad, and Princess and Tank, his 2 favorites among 6 extremely cute and adorable pups. More info is here and here and here and here.

5) I know you live near the Republic of Gooberstan. Do you have any juicy gossip about StanMan?

Really all we know is here and here. And of course, here. Bottom line is that Stan is as manly and cool a dog as you could ever hope to meet, and his girl's a treat as well!

So that's it! Thanks for the questions, Wally!


Harry said...

A very informative interview. I feel like I know you all so much better now, and I had no idea you lived near Gooberstan!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Good interview Newfs, lots of interesting news there.


Maggie & Mitch said...

Great interview, guys! If we ate as much as you do, you'd need a wheelbarrow to move us from point A to point B!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Sophie Brador said...

Newfs galore! Your dad sounds like a great guy. My mom didn't come to my birth. Yeesh. I might not shed on her today, just to show her that I'm not impressed. Great interview with the Woober man!


Randi said...

Wow! I didn't know our peoples could be present at our actual birth (burp/bark) days...but I guess that wouldn't work too well if you're a rescue pup like me & Dublin were....Great inside scoop on the Newfs of Hazzard!

Love & Licks,

babyphat523 said...

The parvo episode was harrowing, we're so happy you made it thru! Yay!

(Only Morton likes footrubs. Ruby & Rebel find it too ticklish and spread their toes when you try to touch their footies. LOL It's very cute.)

Thanks for the history. :)

Ume said...

oh wow! your dad helped to deliver u & Princess!

MJ's doghouse said...

wow you newfs do a great interview...i was just wondering if your dad spends alot of time whiping drool of the are sooooooooooo cute..all of you

Stanley said...

Hey, guys!

Don't know how I missed this interview until now ~ my fave Woober Boy interviewing my fave local Newfs. (What a combo)!

Thanks for going easy on me when Wally was digging for scoop.

Goober love & smooches,

wally said...

Hey guys--I'm behind on my blog reading (I blame my sissy's health woes!) and it was fun reading your answers. My ma ape pines for a Newf and I keep telling her I COULD be your size but she agrees with you--it'd probably immobilize me. Oh well.

There's a rescue in Kansas that apparently specializes in Newfies. My ma ape is always peeking at them to try to convince her 'rents to get one! Or more! What if they're in the water and need rescuing?


ps. Well, both Kansas and Mizzou stuffed the Huskers this year. My ma ape has always been partial to Kansas AND some students at Missouri made T-shirts celebrating the Lawrence massacre with the slogan of the pro-slavery group that carried it out on the back. Um, that's not so much cool.

Blue said...

Hi there Newfies!

I've tagged you for a game!
You even have a choice as I have tag over-load...

Hope alls well with you all, as you've not posted for a while.

Pats & pets

Patience-please said...

Hey, we hope you guys are ok! The interview was really good. As we're kind of new we are just getting to know everyone and that was great.
the whippet waggle