Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tagged but not Gagged!

Woofs, everypup! We've been tagged to be a pickin' (books) and a grinnin'. So in honor of Nanook and Wally, here we go! (Thanks for tagging us, guys!) The top two pics are Princess and Isaac, Next are Tank and Princess, then 2 Tanks, and the last row is Isaac and Princess. We're particularly happy tonight because dad made popcorn tonight. We looove popcorn! We used to love Pupcorn, but they recalled it back in the spring and we're not willing to chance it again. Dad throws single kernels and we catch them or he tosses a few on the floor and we go crazy sucking them up! Pretty entertaining family night! Dad's pleased because Princess has eaten three whole meals in a row! Her ribs are less visible already.
As for books we like, Princess is the only pup who still has a taste for books in this household. She's devoured an atlas because she likes foods of the world. Tank ate a bible when he was about 6 months old - the kind with leather binding and maps. He ate the whole thing. It's real food all right. Isaac hasn't ever been interested in books since he's been here. Dad says one of the most important books you can read is "On Beyond Zebra" by Dr Suess. We're all waiting for Nanook's book to come out, of course. Are there any other books left that we didn't mention? I think that's all there are.


wally said...

I think your smiley pictures are perfect! So many smiles!

As for books, my ma ape is lucky that we've never had a taste for books cuz she has so many--it would be a buffet!

I hope no one had indigestion from eating the Good Book (or the atlas)


Sparky said...

I loooooove the photos! You all have pretty awesome grins. I bet you get lots of treats through those sweet smiles, eh?


Ume said...

great smiles, guyz!
n interesting choices of books, Princess & Tank!

The Army of Four said...

LOVE the smily pictures!
Are you guys doing OK in the heat?
Play bows,